Product Introduction

NEWTON series automatic optical image measuring instrument with large stroke, a new model designed for the LCD panel, large sheet metal parts, PCB, TFT, stamping parts, films and other large size detection, combined advanced testing technology and long-term experience in the industry together with multiple R&D patents,matches with specific hardware and software,can conduct a fast&professional size detection.

Product Characteristics

  1、The main body is made of natural marble, which accounts for none deformation, high precision and high       stability

  2、Mobile bridge structure with servo control technology, stable and reliable with fast running speed

  3、Totally rocker/mouse operation, easy to use

  4、Adopting Renishaw open type grating ruler on three axis, owns precise positioning and high stability

  5、Powerful and functional measurement software, which can be convenient and fast for measuring all kinds of     workpiece accurately, providing a perfect measurement solution for users.

  6、Lasers and probes are optional to improve the accuracy of 3d measurement


Z axis movement range200
External size(mm)2000*1880*1790
Load bearing(kg)50kg
Image Sensor1.3 megapixel industrial camera
LensAutomatic zoom
measurement accuracy(3.0+L/250)um
Minimum display unit0.0001-0.001
Depth of field0.05-3.33
Z-axis working distance200
light sourceLight on: five-ring eight-phase forty-phase lamp; downlight: LED cold light source
Image ProcessingIVT advanced image analysis method, 256 gray levels,
softwareIinspect 3D
working environmenttemperature20-25Celsius,humidity50%-60%
power supply11V-220V±10% 50/60Hz