Product Instruction



One-button measuring instrument is designed for small workpiece, batch rapid detection and development of production, only need a press, instant completion of all measurements. Set the items and tolerances to be measured for the workpiece, place the workpiece continuously, and press one button to complete the measurement of all items


Product Characteristics


1. Accurate flash measurement, hair-trigger;

2. With large caliber and high depth of field, the imaging of the whole field of vision is clear and without distortion;

3. Automatic image matching function, no positioning fixture, no focus adjustment, no manual operation of object carrier;

4. High speed and efficiency, suitable for bulk measurement;

5. Simple operation, can quickly complete all measurement process, and output measurement results;

6. Clear image focus within 2 seconds, high consistency of repeated focus, zero error;

7. No platform motion is required during the measurement process to effectively prevent measurement errors caused by rolling of bone nails;

8. Shock-proof platform design, integrated structure, ensure the rigidity of the instrument;

  Measuring range80mm
physical dimension400*360*840mm
Machine weight(kg)20kg
Bearing capacity(kg)10kg
measurement accuracy±5um
cameraGermany 500w Global exposure
Taiwan double telecentrc lens0.095x
Depth of field40mm
Uppr light sourceLed ring light
Lower light sourceLed parallel light
Z-axis motorAutomatic memory working distance
Arocs dongle1
Arocs measurement softwarelntelligent
High precision software120*120mm
lndustrial computer(optional)15-4G-1T
working environmentTemperatur20℃ ±5℃ humidity 30-80% Vibrating<0.002g below15Hz